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Mobile Update

We check and optimize your website on mobile equitable representation

70% of all sites no longer meet today's standards for 'responsive design' and are good visible on smart phones or tablets. Since April 21, Google has pointed out in several publications that from this date on, responsible sites for mobile devices will be treated and listed preferred in their search engines. Google recommends clearly responsive websites - ie websites that are able to adapt to the respective terminal out. See also this article!

This means for many websites operators that their sites are at a disadvantage to Google and get a bad search rating at search engines. The bitter consequence: Either build yourself with plenty of time, a new responsive website, provided expertise and special software for responsive design is available - or build a completely new responsive site for a lot of money.

Now MGFM MEDIA offers you an extraordinary inexpensive alternative:

For only 290, - Euro *** we provide a mobile checkup and update your site to mobile-compliant responsive design, so that your site shows perfect on all smart phones and gets a better position again at Google.
Without changing your design and content too much, we modify your site and integrate it into a fully responsive Helix 3 template based on Joomla CMS. An example of how such a page might look, can be found here >>>

*** This price is based on a HTML programmed page with a maximum of 5 pages, which are easy to copy and convert into our CMS system. For larger, more complex sites, we also will make a very competitive low offer.


And if you want to test yourself if your site still meets the responsive policies of Google, paste your URL into Google testprogram>>>


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